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Ukraine – (Un)archiving (Post)Industry: Engaging Heritage and Developing Cultural Infrastructures

Short description

The project aims to continue building the capacities of cultural institutions working with industrial heritage and to foster further cultural innovation in collaboration with local communities in Ukrainian regions heavily impacted by (de-)industrialization. The project will help establish a network, bringing together institutions dealing with industrial cultural heritage sites and practitioners. The network will innovate new ways of sharing collections of photographs, videos, documents and oral histories, as well as facilities and specialized knowledge for collecting, conserving, digitizing, educating, and further reuse of the collections. Lessons learned from use of the shared data will form the basis of input to the Cultural Heritage programme at the University of St Andrews.

Principal Investigator(s)

Dr Victoria Donovan, School of Modern Languages


Dr Iryna Sklokina, Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe


Viktoriia Grivina, Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe